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Civil Engineering

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Appearance of Ultra-head  
PD R = External arc for mounting Bit (Shank circumference)
Size Shank Circumference R
350x 300-400
450x 400-500
550x 500-650
QD The bits to weld in each blade base should describe as similar trajectory as possible.
RD The right and left bits must be the same in horizontal heights, and chips must be positioned symmetrically to the central shaft.
SD For ultra type tips, their ends must be horizontal, and right and left tips must be mounted one by one.
Model of Ulyra-bit
  NominalR Ultra Type T Point Type K Point W Type K
Inner Edge U Outer Edge S
Weld Type Center Center-Bit-TU-Y Center-Bit-TS-Y Center-Bit-K-Y Center-Bit-KW-Y
350 350A-TU-Y 350A-TS-Y 350A-K-Y 350A-KW-Y
450 450A-TU-Y 450A-TS-Y 450A-K-Y 450A-KW-Y
550 550A-TU-Y 550A-TS-Y 550A-K-Y 550A-KW-Y