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Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

bEarth augerbCasingbUnderground Continuous WallbMaterial for anti-abrasion/impactb

Casing Removal Type 1

Edge Type

Model Size Tip Size Typical Shape
Width~Height~Length Width~Height~Length
CH-40KRS 45~92.8~120 40~23~31
CH-40KRU 45~92.8~120 40~23~31
CH-40KLS 45~92.8~120 40~23~31
CH-40KLU 45~92.8~120 40~23~31
CH-40KRN 45~92.8~120 40~23~31
CH-40KLN 45~92.8~120 40~23~31
CH-40KIRS 45~90.1~120.6 40~23~39
CH-40KIRU 45~90.1~120.6 40~23~39
CH-40KILS 45~90.1~120.6 40~23~39
CH-40KILU 45~90.1~120.6 40~23~39
CH-40KIRN 45~90.1~120.6 40~23~39
CH-40KILN 45~90.1~120.6 40~23~39

Casing Removal Type 2

Mounting Model Size Tip Size Typical Shape Use
Width~Height~Length Width~Height~Length
Removal Type CH-40KIWL-B 40~80~120 20~15~25 For rebar and bauer
CH-40KIW-V 40~80~111.3 20~15~25 For rebar and bauer

Casing Weld Type

Mounting Model Size Tip Size Typical Shape
Width~Height~Length Width~Height~Length
Weld Type C-25KI 50~90~188 50~30~40
C-30KI 60~100~195 60~30~45
C-40KI 80~120~210 80~35~59
C-40K 60~100~195 60~25~50
Legend of Casing Model
Type Edge Width Chip Shape Tip Mounting Rotation Direction Edge Position Fixing Method
CFCasing mm KFPoint IFInssert LFFor left rotation SFOuter edge CFCollar and bolt
HFRemoval Type     NoneFNomal RFFor right rotation UFInner edge MF90-degree cap bolt
          NFCenter edge BF40-degree cap bolt
Relation between Casing rotation direction and Inner/Outer Edge
Casing Holder
Model Size Typical Shape
H-40-CH 40~110~95

The figure shows the end side of casing pipe (edge side) and 4 relations in total.