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Indexable Insert

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Property of Cemented Carbide for Indexable Insert

  Material ISO Classification Hardness
Transverse Rupture Strength
Density Componentij
WC Co Other
K Type K05 K01 92.5 1.4 13.8 Bal. 4.5 7.0
K10 K10 92.0 2.3 14.8 Bal. 4.5 2.0
K15 K20 91.5 2.2 14.7 Bal. 5.5 2.0
M Type mM25 M20 91.0 2.1 12.4 Bal. 10.0 20.0
M27sr M30 90.3 2.5 12.4 Bal. 10.0 20.0
P Type P10 P10 92.5 1.4 11.1 Bal. 6.5 24.0
P20s P20 91.5 1.9 11.9 Bal. 8.0 20.0
Cermet sPC201 P20(CERMET) 92.0 1.8 8.1 Bal. 13.5 54.0
mC300 P20(CERMET) 91.5 2.0 7.4 Bal. 16.0 68.0

*Deflective strength is not guaranteed value.


Feature of Material for Turning and Milling

Former JIS Classification Feature woak material
K Type
Strong and resistant to mechanical damage Cast iron/non-ferrous metal
M Type
Excellent in balance of strength and heat resistance and general-purpose Copper/cast iron/stainless
P Type
Excellent in heat-resistance and adhesion-resistance Copper/alloy steel
Excellent in heat-resistance, adhesion-resistance, and oxidation-resistance, and excellent in resistance to wear of cutting face (resistance to crater wear)
Copper/cast iron